November 10, 2021

Restructuring of intialisation script and a new stable docker image. See the installation page for the new form.

↪ split installation scripts into downloads and init                |  @caseypaquola

July 27, 2021

New option to define output resolution for volumes

↪ added optional "out_res" input parameter to bigbrainwarp  |  @caseypaquola

July 21, 2021

Overhauled naming conventions within BigBrainWarp, which led to changes in the input arguments for the main function. To reduce the size of the Docker image, Freesurfer functions have been purged and it is no longer a software dependency.

↪ implemented BIDS-style naming of files                            |  @caseypaquola
↪ changed bigbrainwarp arguments, requires "desc"           |  @caseypaquola
↪ added option for 32k or 164k mesh for fs_LR                       |  @caseypaquola
↪ removed Freesurfer dependencies                                       |  @caseypaquola
↪ created tutorial on evaluating transformations            |  @caseypaquola

April 7, 2021

Transformed staining intensity profiles to fs_LR and fsaverage (our first user request 🎂)

↪ added spaces/fs_LR/profiles_fs_LR.txt                                 |  @caseypaquola
↪ added spaces/fsaverage/profiles_fsaverage.txt                 |  @caseypaquola

March 30, 2021

Added ICBM surface, allows transformations between bigbrain surface and icbm volume too. Created a wrapper script for generating staining intensity profiles

↪ added icbm surface template from civet                            |  @caseypaquola
↪ added out_type option in bigbrainwarp                             |  @caseypaquola
↪ created sample_intensity_profiles.sh                              |  @caseypaquola

March 24, 2021

Transforming data with BigBrainWarp is greatly simplified. Users need only interact with the bigbrainwarp function.

↪ created bigbrainwarp base function                                |  @caseypaquola
↪ expanded volume-based interpolation options                       |  @caseypaquola

March 11, 2021

Cortical gradients are now available in volume space! We used registration fusion to project the gradient from fsaverage to icbm (Wu et al., 2018)

↪ Hist, Micro and Func gradients added to /spaces/icbm/             |  @caseypaquola

March 4, 2021

Estimated layer thicknesses from Wagstyl et al., 2020 surfaces (ftp://bigbrain.loris.ca/BigBrainRelease.2015/Layer_Segmentation/3D_Surfaces/April2019/) and transformed to standard surface templates

↪ Pre-computed BigBrain layer thicknesses in /spaces/bigbrain/      |  @caseypaquola
↪ Transformed layer thicknesses in fsaverage and /fs_LR             |  @caseypaquola

February 25, 2021

Changed all surface-based transformations to multi-modal surface matching, using new registrations from Lindsay Lewis. More details here.

↪ Overhaul of surface transformation scripts and documentation      |  @caseypaquola

February 8, 2021

Expanded the surface transformation functionality. Now supports (i) multi-modal surface registration via a parcel-based transformation and (ii) fs_LR for vertex-based nearest neighbour interpolation.

↪ Added approach option for surface based transformations           |  @caseypaquola
↪ Added surface option for fs_LR and fsaverage compatibility        |  @caseypaquola
↪ Updated documention for surface transformations                   |  @caseypaquola